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You mentioned feeling tired or having trouble getting a good nights rest? Here's a few things to try.

Complete a meditation

Starting a meditation practice can feel like a big undertaking especially if you are the type of person who has a hard time sitting still and shutting down your mind.


Giving yourself two minutes to "sit" can bring up ideas you never thought of, help you to reconcile your day, create a powerful to do list, clear your mind and get you centered.


You may find this practice gives you energy or relaxes you and primes you for sleep. Practice this exercise anytime it suits you. The benefits of meditation are vast! And we know this simple exercise has the power to change your life in just two minutes!

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3 Good Things

List or draw 3 good things that happened today. 

In this exercise, you are looking for good things that happen all around you, and as you start to look and find good things you will continue to see more good things. It is a process that begets itself. You start to create momentum and you can do this with anything - including looking for things to feel good about.


Say each statement out loud and repeat for as long as you can: "I am enough" or "I am safe"

Words are powerful tools. They can be used to create or destroy. Are you aware of how powerful your words can be? Watch what you say to others and to yourself. What are you creating with your words? What are some things you said today?

let it go
Let it go!

Think about a situation that you're holding on to and that you would like to let go.


Are you holding on to something from the past? Are you holding on to expectations for the future? Have you become aware of a situation where you need to let go?


Take that situation and write it out. Write it out until there is nothing left to write.  When you are ready, burn it or tear it up. Release it and let it go.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Complete the Wellbeing Quiz

Once you've completed these activities, take this quiz for a view of your Wellbeing landscape.

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