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A Collaborative of Healthcare Experts & Innovators

We need new ways to listen deeply & integrate diverse voices into healthcare solutions. Our unique team enables us to address complex issues and customize engagements for your unique needs.


Rachael Acker, Design Strategist

25+ years' experience innovating and growing teams and building design capabilities across healthcare and financial industries.


Graham McGibbon,
Solution Architect

30+ years' experience innovating in IT and 15+ years' experience architecting solutions in the clinical trial space.


Nisha Kumar,
Naturopathic Doctor

Committed to inspiring clarity, health, peace and prosperity.


Nico Sciascia,
Chief of Everything

Make change happen and the impossible, a thing of the past.


Hiyam Nadel,
Health Innovator & Disruptor

A fierce people advocate who believes in being a transformational navigator.


MaryLou Ackerman,
Serious Play Nurse Innovator

Advance care, create innovative service models supported by digital health technologies.

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