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For showing up for yourself. Take time to make space for yourself to Reflect, Reframe & Recharge with curated resources here.


Let's start with a healing meditation with Leslee Kagan, MS, FNP-BC

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3 Good Things

What are three good things that went well today? Jot it down in a gratitude journal.


Share Kindness

Check in with your colleagues. Pause & Listen to how they're doing before you leave work.


Let it go...

Acknowledge one thing today that was difficult. Use this exercise to release what you've been holding on to.

Coronavirus Sanity Guide

Free access to Ten Percent Happier app.

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Use creativity & self expression for your well-being with your MGH access code: 123456

Research Spotlight

Awe Walks 

American Psychological Association

Updated Sep, 2020

People who were consciously aware of the vistas and objects around them on a walk– what the researchers call “awe walks”–reported being more hopeful and upbeat than walkers who did not and concluded that being mindful during exercise seems to increase the mental health benefits.

How You Can Ease Your Aches and Pain With Meditation

Dec 18, 2020

When you have aches and pain, you might find yourself reaching for a bottle of pain relievers more than you’d like. But there is a free and simple way to reduce those aches: meditation. 


Jan 10, 2021

Increasing resilience takes time, but with the available tools, strategies, resources, and support systems, we can increase our capacity for resilience.

Enjoy a unique practice of being rather than doing. Close your eyes and relax while listening to the soothing sounds of gongs and Himalayan singing bowls.

Find a quiet space, a comfortable space to lay down and get some good speakers or good headphones and be ready to be transported into deep relaxation.

You can find Susan at to learn more about her services.

3 minute calming sounds
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Looking for more support, please head over to Safe Space
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