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Healing Haikus

with Pam Ressler

Physician poet Rafael Campo states, “I think of poetry as a kind of primary care. It’s so based on the experience of community, of joining together”. 

We’re excited to have Pam Ressler in a collaborative co-creation exercise of writing haiku to ground us in the present moment and bring awareness to our surroundings, our thoughts and emotions.

Why Haikus

Healing Haiku is a form of cognitive enhancement and brain training exercise for personal development. The exercise invites observation, thoughts and emotions that are grounded in the present moment.


Haikus are structured in form using three lines of five, seven, five syllables. Because the haiku form may feel familiar they are often more accessible and less daunting than other less structured ways of expression. 

Haiku are short poems that can be said in one breath yet profoundly express many aspects of the human experience. While ambiguous, they invite connection, listening and understanding. Healing haikus in particular are exercises in letting go.

Key Benefits

#Appreciate your surroundings
#Reduce the impact of burnout
#Stress Resilience
#Cultivate observational skills
#Proactive Listening




Pamela Katz Ressler is the founder of, a firm specializing in building resilience for individuals and organizations through tools of connection, communication, and compassion. Additionally, she is an adjunct clinical assistant professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine.


Pam writes haiku and uses her five-step haiku process as a method of increasing mindfulness and resilience in her classes and workshops. She is the founder of #haikuchallenge which is held online during the month of January each year. You can read Pam’s haiku on her blog,, on Twitter @pamressler (#haikuchallenge21), and on Instagram @stressresources



We believe small lifestyle changes will help people progress in their health and wellness journey. Healthero is designing collaborative spaces to experiment with little shifts to help you discover what delights and feels good to you.


Lemongrass Lounge is the first such space where we are bringing together anyone who has ever been curious about integrative healing modalities like sound meditation, with experts in the area, so that they can connect and have honest and open conversations about its potential benefits and be inspired to try something new.

Over time, we hope to create different interest-based spaces where people with a common purpose can interact and be nourished by positive energies.

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