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Above the Clouds

Hey There

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Image by Annie Spratt
  • Visitor - Of Monsters and Men

  • I Went too Far - Aurora

  • Winter Bird - Aurora

  • O - Coldplay

  • Speeding Cars - Walking on Cars

  • The Enemy - Andrew Belle

  • Ophelia - The Lumineers

  • Row - Smith and Thell

  • Goliath - Smith and Thell

  • A Little Braver - New Empire

  • Worst of You - Maisie Peters

  • Heart - OTL, Shallou

  • Technicolor Beat - Oh Wonder

  • Gravity - Eden

  • Faster Car - Loving Calibar

  • Fly With Me - Anthony Lazaro

  • End Credits - Eden

  • Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men

Music List

Grounding Techniques

  1. Five things you hear

  2. Four things you see

  3. Three things you can touch

  4. Two things you can smell

  5. One thing you can taste

  1. Go outside

  2. Stand barefoot on the earth (a piece of grass or even the dirt will do) 

  3. Close your eyes 

  4. Breath deep for 3 minutes

  5. Wiggle your toes and feel the earth under your feet

  • Find as many objects as you can with a certain color

  •  breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds

  • Outline an object with your eyes

  • Describe the room or area you are in, out loud, in your mind, or written down


  • Rose tea

  • Hibiscus tea

  • Ginger tea

  • Green tea

  • Peppermint tea

Bonus: Add local honey for some sweetness and to help fight off allergies





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