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Innovation Quest

Our pragmatic innovation strategy & solution design approach transforms your ideas into human centered experience concepts. We partner as co-designers and co-developers, ideating through wicked healthcare challenges & navigating emerging technologies. 

iPromptly, AI as Innovation Co-designer & Strategist

We empower healthcare organizations to drive meaningful change though human centered design. Our cutting-edge services integrate responsible technology approaches, futures thinking and service design to tackle healthcare's most challenging issues. Because what matters is how people experience the solution. ChatGPT as an AI companion, can accelerate how experiences are designed when augmented with design thinking methods.

At THInC 2023, we partnered with SONSIEL to develop iPromptly, a custom design innovation program using tangible design fiction cards and ChatGPT, as an AI Co-Designer.

Be a part of a pioneering community that solves healthcare challenges collaboratively. Sponsor a challenge or contribute your expertise in a vibrant, problem-solving environment.

What if?

Hypothesis Board

Get Inspired! Dig into the crux of the problem through curiosity & empathy. Frame problems into hypotheses.

How might we?

Opportunity Map 

Discover your ecosystem. Identify collaborators and map needs from observations &  incorporate diverse perspectives.

learn & iterate

Prototype to Test & Learn

Design concepts and validate your beachhead audience. Find champions to co-create with you and differentiate with emerging technologies.


Engage with Stories

Develop an engagement strategy that creates space for authentic conversations and inspires transformative experiences.


HOPE Solution Design & Architecture

Learn design thinking methods augmented by ChatGPT prompt designs with a series of mentoring sessions and self-managed co-design tools.


Together, with a blend of human creativity and AI-assisted insights, we help you explore the vast landscape of possibilities, aiming to remove barriers and make a lasting positive impact in healthcare.

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