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Sound Meditation

Susan Barney

We can't draw you a salt bath but we can bathe you in soothing sounds that will help you decompress after a long day of thinking and staring at your screen. This is an opportunity for you to close your eyes and relax while listening to the soothing sounds of gongs and Himalayan singing bowls.


Facilitated by Susan Barney, a professional harmonic sound practitioner who trained with Mitch Nur, we invite you to be nourished and inspired to try this modality in the comfort of your home.


If you'd like to start a new wellbeing ritual, and you're considering sound meditation, start with a sound byte.

Group Sound Meditation

30 - 60 minutes

Come as you are, into a space of co-creation with community. This is a unique practice of being rather than doing. All you need is a private & comfortable space - a yoga mat or couch, and some good quality headphones or earbuds. 

Private Meditation Session

90 minutes

A private session with Susan, where she will spend time to understand your individual needs in the privacy of your home.

What the experts say...


Susan Barney is a Boston based harmonic sound practitioner. She works with a carefully curated selection of sound tools, including highly resonant bronze instruments, large gongs and Himalayan singing bowls, to create a sonic container that allows for a complete immersion into a field of multi-tonal sound and vibration. The rich harmonics created act as a catalyst to shift out of an over-accelerated nervous system due to the stress of daily life into a profound state of relaxation. This is a unique practice of being rather than doing. Harmonic sound therapy is a holistic practice of well being that supports the mind, body and spirit.

Why Sound Meditation?

In all cultures and civilizations throughout our planet’s history, sound has been fundamental to the human experience. While sound healing in not a new concept, science is still catching up to helping us understand the healing effects on our physical and mental states.

Evidence from observational studies in western neuroscience suggests positive health effects from sound therapy. One study published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine found that an hour long sound meditation helped people reduce tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and depression while increasing a sense of spiritual well-being.

Key Benefits

#Relieve stress and fatigue
#Reduce tension & anxiety
#Manage anger and frustration
#Reduce depression symptoms

Liz G.
Intuitive Coach

Having a sound therapy session with Susan was one of the most deeply relaxing and profoundly restorative treatments I’ve experienced.  Susan is a gifted, creative and compassionate healer…. I highly recommend her.

Matt T.
Mediator, Facilitator, Trainer

My experience with Sound Healing has been transformative.  I remember my first time hearing “the gong”; it was immediately relaxing and those of us that shared the moment commented on our transition of state of mind from one of tracking details to total relaxation. 

Image by Caley Dimmock



Ready to make Meditation part of your wellbeing journey? 

Book a consult with our Wellbeing Liaison for a curated experience.



We believe small lifestyle changes will help people progress in their health and wellness journey. Healthero is designing collaborative spaces to experiment with little shifts to help you discover what delights and feels good to you.


Lemongrass Lounge is the first such space where we are bringing together anyone who has ever been curious about integrative healing modalities like sound meditation, with experts in the area, so that they can connect and have honest and open conversations about its potential benefits and be inspired to try something new.

Over time, we hope to create different interest-based spaces where people with a common purpose can interact and be nourished by positive energies.

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