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Innovation Journeys

For Digital Experiences

We partner with you to share HOPE, our practical innovation strategy for transforming ideas for wellbeing into human centered digital experiences. We work with you as co-creators ideating through wicked healthcare challenges, prototyping and validating emerging technology partners & solutions to establish product-market fit. 

What if?

Hypothesis Board

Get Inspired! Dig into the crux of the problem through curiosity & empathy. Frame problems into hypotheses.


How might we?

Opportunity Map 

Discover your ecosystem. Identify collaborators and map needs from observations &  incorporate diverse perspectives.


What about X?

Prototype to Test & Learn

Design concepts and validate your beachhead audience. Find champions to co-create with you and differentiate with emerging technologies.


does it matter?

Engage with Stories

Develop an engagement strategy that creates space for authentic conversations and inspires transformative experiences.


A guide on your innovation journey

What matters isn't what is built but how people experience your solution. Understanding how built experiences can transform lives requires the belief of what's possible and creative problem solving skills.

We've curated lessons from decades of experience to help you develop these skills in the HOPE bootcamp program, which is personalized to your style of learning.


Let us be your guide on your innovation journey, and help you create from what energizes you.

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HOPE Bootcamp

Learn design thinking methods in a series of mentoring sessions across 4 phases, using co-design tools that enable us to collaborate remotely. Our goal is to help you get to a prototype or a pitch deck depending on where you're at with your idea.

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