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Innovation Journeys

For Digital Experiences

We partner with you to share HOPE, our practical innovation strategy for transforming ideas for wellbeing into human centered digital experiences. We work with you as co-creators ideating through wicked healthcare challenges, prototyping and validating emerging technology partners & solutions to establish product-market fit. 

What if?

Hypothesis Board

Get Inspired! Dig into the crux of the problem. Fall in love with the problem. Nourish ideas with curiosity and co-create hypotheses.


What is it?

Opportunity Map 

Frame your idea. Discover product market fit with iterative visual mapping exercises. Create safe spaces to share diverse perspectives.


How might we?

Prototype, rapidly

Validate your beachhead audience and find champions. Develop success measures with a panel of champions to co-create with you.



Share stories!

Run research studies to build engagement and create space for authentic conversations with customers in a way that inspires new experiences.


We're giving it away!

Build skills to create digital experiences

You have a unique perspective, now it's time to learn the skills to deliver the experiences that matter in the digital world, because your value is about sharing what you know. What matters isn't just what you deliver but how people experience the offering that makes a difference in their lives.

We're packaging decades of lessons from experts into visual frameworks at the HOPE bootcamp. Frameworks you can refer to as cheat sheets on your innovation journey, so you can keep creating from what fuels you.

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HOPE Bootcamp

We're packing everything we've learnt into a 4 week innovation bootcamp to show you how this approach can get you to prototyping your vision rapidly AND make it look so real, customers won't know the difference.